Top 10 open education articles in 2013

Year-in-Review: Education hot topics on

Top 10 open education articles in 2013
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The popularity of our Education channel on continued to soar in 2013, with our education-related content consistently drawing outstanding page views on the site. In fact, our top two education stories (listed below) were among the top three most-viewed articles on in 2013!

At first glance this tells us that our existing audience is interested in learning how the open source way is being used by teachers, parents, children, and other learners.

Yet when we dig deeper and look at how readers are finding our education posts, we learn that many of them are being steered to our education posts by search engines while on the hunt for education-related, open source news. This makes us glow. This means there are thousands of people out there proactively seeking open source news and resources for schools.

One article in particular that was quite popular was Stu Jarvis' post on "A year of Linux desktop at Westcliff High School." In the article, Stu interviews the network manager of a school in the southeast of England one year after the school switched to Linux. It's a candid Q&A, filled with insights on the challenges and successes of the project, perhaps best summed up by this line from the school's network manager: "Has it given me sleepless nights, yes. Has it nearly driven me insane, yes. Would I do it again... in an instant!"

You'll find that and more on our complete list of this year's...

Top 10 open education articles in 2013

  1. Three open source school management software programs for teachers
  2. A year of Linux desktop at Westcliff High School
  3. A guide to free and open source education
  4. University course trades textbook for Raspberry Pi
  5. Educational Linux distro provides tech bundle for kids and educators
  6. Back to school with open source: Five tools for less stress and better learning
  7. The Linux kernel community learns how to grow more penguins
  8. Teaching children how to code
  9. Open source programs to get more kids to code
  10. A list of open source software options for OSS Watch


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