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March 19 will be here before you know it. Thousands of people will flock to Denver, Colorado for a week of learning and networking with Drupal community members. DrupalCon is the official conference of the Drupal community and draws an international audience. If you are not familiar with Drupal, it’s an open source content management platform that powers millions of websites--including and

Now that the agenda is finalized, I decided to take a look and see which sessions are most interesting. More importantly, I wanted to see how big of an impact open source has at this years event. I didn’t even get past the keynotes before the open source influence was obvious.

Almost all the keynote speakers have ties to open source. Dries Buytaert, creator and project lead of Drupal and co-founder and chief technology officer of Acquia, kicks things off. In previous years, he’s given a state of Drupal-style address.

On day two, Mitchell Baker, Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, speaks. Baker frequently talks about the power of the participatory, open source model. The Drupal community is no stranger to this type of collaboration. Baker will also highlight Mozilla’s commitment to an open, innovative web and the infinite possibilities that presents.

DrupalCon goes beyond learning about the latest technology and its application to coding, development, and site-building. Because the community has grown so rapidly, the conference has to appeal to more than just admins and developers. There is more emphasis on design and user experience, business strategy, and the Drupal community. This year, there is a big focus on mobile platforms.

We took a look at the open source agenda for DrupalCon Denver. As you’ll see, open source has a significant impact at this years DrupalCon. I found three themes that weave Drupal and open source together: open government, communities, and solutions. Make sure these talks are on your must-see list:

Drupal and open government

Drupal and the community

Drupal and open source solutions

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Jason Hibbets is a Principal Program Manager at Red Hat with the Digital Communities team. He works with the Enable Architect, Enable Sysadmin, Enterprisers Project, and community publications.

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