Woman sitting in front of her laptop
These playful Linux commands are also surprisingly useful.
radio communication signals
SoundConverter is a useful application not just because it does exactly what its name says it does, but because it does it in batches and in parallel.
Two people chatting via a video conference app
Here are a few ways to effectively build a positive mentorship relationship in an open source world.
woman on laptop sitting at the window
Flowblade is a minimal video editing application designed to enable you to assemble a cut of your video quickly and easily.
An old-fashioned video camera
Try your hand at professional video editing with this KDE application.
Colorful sound wave graph
Audacity is a classic power tool of the open source software world for recording, editing, and doing so much more with sound.
a checklist for a team
If you've ever tried to collaborate on files over email or chat, and you've found yourself trying to describe where you need a change made, then you'll love diff and patch.
Developing code.
You don't need to know how to write or read code to compile it.
Flatpak simplifies the installation of applications on Linux.