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If you're going to explore Rust this year, download our free Rust cheat sheet, so you have a quick reference for the basics.
Chat via email
The best chat application is the one that isn't a chat application.
Community awards
Thank you to all of the authors who contributed articles to in 2021!
interviewing for a job in a conference room
Setting clear expectations and making social norms transparent can help your team be more inclusive.
woman on laptop sitting at the window
Rocket.Chat is an example of how universities are choosing open source software for communication and collaboration.
Brain on a computer screen
Brian Kernighan shares his inspiration and research behind the latest edition of his book, Understanding the Digital World.
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It's up to open source software vendors and community developers to maintain community values and ensure innovation makes it back to the projects.
Developing code.
Create and initialize a list of integers, first in Java and then in Groovy.
Colorful sound wave graph
Speech recognition in applications isn't just a fun trick but an important accessibility feature.