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BusyBox is an open source (GPL) project providing simple implementations of nearly 400 common commands.
Working on a team, busy worklife
Open source users now have a robust and fully functional choice for groupware.
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Version 0.1 of Mozilla Firefox was released 19 years ago.
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Jekyll is an open source static site generator. You can write your content in Markdown, use HTML/CSS for structure and presentation, and Jekyll compiles it all into static HTML.
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Here are some LibreOffice keyboard shortcuts and formatting tips that might save you valuable time.
Storage units side by side
LVM enables extreme flexibility in how you configure your storage.
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Unit testing can be daunting, but these Python modules will make your life much easier.
Containers for shipping overseas
Lima can help overcome the challenges of running containers on a Mac.
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The nvme-cli command has lots of useful options, and it's a great way to take control of how you manage your data.