Woman sitting in front of her laptop
These playful Linux commands are also surprisingly useful.
Polaroids and palm trees
If you're taking photos good enough to process, you owe it to yourself to see what Darktable offers you.
Person drinking a hot drink at the computer
Here's how I dropped from 35 Vim plugins to just six.
Painting art on a computer screen
A step-by-step tutorial for how to use vector illustration with Inkscape.
Cloud and databsae incons
Apache ShardingSphere is an open source distributed database, plus an ecosystem users and developers need for their database to provide a customized and cloud-native experience.
Old camera blue
The tools provided by Krita for editing digital paint work just as well for pixels representing a photograph.
Parts, modules, containers for software
The sigstore project aims at securing supply chain technology.
Looking at a map for career journey
Next time you need to brainstorm, organize ideas, or plan a project, start with Draw.io.
radio communication signals
SoundConverter is a useful application not just because it does exactly what its name says it does, but because it does it in batches and in parallel.