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If you're going to explore Rust this year, download our free Rust cheat sheet, so you have a quick reference for the basics.
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The Linux command line is known for being a productivity powerhouse. It's also a place to have some fun, too!
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Bitsy is an open source video game designer. Its minimalistic features make it prime for anyone to explore their creativity.
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The Go team has accepted a proposal to add fuzz testing support to the language.
Coding on a computer
This tutorial provides a workaround to help network administrators address MTU issues without needing a stack update to move MTUs back and forth.
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Identify your open source project's dependencies through the Back Your Stack initiative and consider one of the many creative ways to show support.
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Pass is a classic UNIX-style password management system that uses GnuPG (GPG) for encryption, and the terminal as its primary interface.
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The CrowdSec bouncer is designed to be included in any PHP application to help block attackers.
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Using unit tests will likely improve your code's quality and do so without disturbing your workflow.