Got an idea for a healthcare mobile app? Apply for a Rock Health grant. |

Got an idea for a healthcare mobile app? Apply for a Rock Health grant.

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Applications are now being accepted for Rock Health, a program rewarding ideas that will "catalyze innovation in the interactive health space."

From Rock Health:

Our mission is to enable and empower an entrepreneurial cure for the relative lack of innovation in the health sector. The world of patient care and healthy living is foreign to the technological creativity found in social media, games and other verticals. Rock Health directly targets the gap between these ecosystems, enabling high-impact innovation.

Winners receive:


  • $20,000 startup grant to each team + access to capital
  • Support from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation and Cincinnati Childrens Hospital
  • Mentorship and workshops from experts in design, health policy, lean startup methodology, financing, and more
  • Office space in Silicon Valley
  • Legal council and services
  • Branding, design, social and PR strategy from our in-house Creative Director
  • Business plan and revenue model creation
  • A passionate community of like-minded individuals solving meaningful problems

They're specifically looking for web or mobile apps to fix healthcare, and they're reaching out in hopes that innovators from other industries will have new ideas to contribute.

Although many of the names associated with Rock Health are not also names you associate with open source, one of the newest mentors is John Wilbanks of Creative Commons. I inquired with the organization whether open source licensing and business models would be accepted or encouraged, and was told that the selected startups are free to use any business model they choose. That means it's up to you, the open source community, to get involved. Only one person on each team is required to be a developer, so there's room for everyone. Apply now.


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