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Learn about the roles open source technologies and communities are playing in international health and humanitarian efforts.

Open source doctor.

Ways to put your programming and documentation skills to use by creating open source solutions to assist the medical community.
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Learn about four of the thousands of open source projects combating the spread of coronavirus.
Open source doctor.

Artificial intelligence combined with open source tools can improve diagnosis of the fatal disease malaria.
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Users must know about and try to prevent unnecessary burdens that requirements impose on others.
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Learn how one healthcare startup addresses HIPAA's data protection requirements.
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Red Hat's 2018 Women in Open Source Community Award winner is Dana Lewis. Hear her story.
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Local Texas health network uses open source EHR tool to provide relief efforts and healthcare to hurricane victims.
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Breast cancer survivors and others can use the Free Open Source 3D Customizer to design and produce breast prosthetics.