I've been in and around Open Source since around 1997, and have been running (GNU) Linux as my main desktop at home and work since then: not always easy...  I'm a security bod and architect, co-founder of the Enarx project, and am currently employed as Chief Security Architect for Red Hat.  I have a blog - "Alice, Eve & Bob" - where I write (sometimes rather parenthetically) about security.  I live in the UK and like single malts.

Authored Content

Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen

The smaller your TCB, the less there is to attack, and that's a good thing.
Looking at a map for career journey

Apply GET/SET principles to connecting with open source projects.
Driver's hands on the steering wheel of a car

What does it mean to be a leader in a world working to include people who historically haven't been included?
name tag that says hello my name is open source

During my journey to learning Rust, I've noticed a few common behaviors of fellow Rustaceans.

Trust in open source is a positive feedback loop.

Contributed Content

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Top authors on Opensource.com have new levels of access, support, and exclusive opportunities.
Getting started with DevSecOps

This guide will help you get started with DevSecOps.
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Learn the basic concepts behind cryptography, with a focus on confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.