What's behind the success of free and open source healthcare?

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Black Duck recently published the results of their Future of Open Source Survey, finding the healthcare industry to be one of the most impacted by open source.

As a student in the Health Informatics department at the Univeristy of California at Davis, I wondered:
  • What drives free and open source healthcare developers to contribute in the creation of free software?
  • What is the background knowledge that healthcare developers need to have?
  • And, what are their motivations?

I ask more questions in this survey of free and open source healthcare developers for my thesis project: "The state of open source electronic medical records: An anthropology study." My goal is to better understand the characteristics, motivations, and knowledge background of healthcare developers in order to determine what is behind the success of free/open source software in healthcare.

If you are a developer working on healthcare project, operate within the health sector, or if you did at one point but are there no longer, please take this anonymous and voluntary survey. It consists of 20 questions and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

For questions, please contact myself or chair advisor, Dr. Mike Hogarth.

Take the survey.

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Health Informatics student at University of California- Davis

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