EFF asks universities not to sell patents to trolls
Take action by signing the pledge and urge universities not to sell patents to patent trolls.
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What is copyleft?
If you've spent much time in open source projects, you have probably seen the term "copyleft" used. While the term is quite commonly used, many people don't understand it.
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Which type of open source license do you prefer?
It's the age-old debate among open source enthusiasts—both developers and users alike: Which license to choose? For developers, the decision revolves around what kind of control they are willing to release to anyone wanting to modify the developer's code. For the user, the question is more about... Read more
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A decision in the GPL enforcement case in Germany between Christoph Hellwig (supported by the Software Freedom Conservancy) and VMware recently became public. The court dismissed the case after concluding that Hellwig failed to identify in the VMware product the specific lines of code for which he... Read more
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Avoiding bad practices in open source project management
What you should not do as you lead or participate in your open source projects.
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Oracle v. Google: What it means for software developers
The outcome of Oracle v. Google is a positive result for the software industry and the developer community but we must be cautious.
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Why you should understand the terms for license compliance
A recent court case illustrates the importance of reading and understanding technical terms used in copyright licenses.
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open source licensing
Judges and lawyers need to understand what open source software is: not just software made available under a license, but software that has an accompanying ethos.
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potato sack race, open source adoption
Mark Radcliffe shares his 10 picks for the top legal developments in free and open source software last year.
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While reviewing the most-read articles on legal topics in open source on this year, I was reminded of the old maxim: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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