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The new commercial running in the United States by Verizon is taking a stab on Apples iPhone.  The part that I like: "iDon't allow open development." It will be interesting to see if Droid development will be more successful. My guess, the open source way is better.


Watch it now:

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Open Source Sensei

Open source is one of the top 10 reasons in this list of why Android is better than the iPhone:

"Why does being open make Android better than iPhone? For the same reason that being open helps Linux: a planet full of developers with the ability to aid Android’s developers. Anyone can get access to the source of Android to better the system." --

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Community Member

I think it's pretty awesome how even the term "open development" made its way to a mainstream television ad. It's a small, but very significant detail.

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Open Minded

I think an advantage of the Android is going to be that you can develop, produce and use open source applications or paid-for applications.

You get the benefit of open source developers and people just wanting an application that does XYZ which consumers can use usually for free, as well as the paid-for ones that people looking to make money can distribute under.

I mean, let's face it: not everybody is going to want to go open source, but Apple is making it harder and harder on the developers so they are going to flock to what they can develop for (and make money).

I would love to get an Android, and maybe fool around with trying to make some apps (thus fool around with learning the languages required).