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I have always been interested in computers, and would find myself hanging out with the Computer Science students instead of the Aviation Management or Business Management students I was a part of. At home and at work I have been largely self-teaching myself using computers starting with Excel and Access with VBA through ASP and SQL at work. Thankfully my current employer values education, and so I have been taking classes and not only learning the technology, but un-learning what I have been doing wrong over the years. At home, though, I have been teaching myself Linux, system administration, networking and the overall method of migrating our system from Windows to Linux. I am involved in the Danbury Area Computer Society (DACS.org) I have the opportunity to take what I've learned the hard way and hopefully help others.. I have been enjoying Open Source for a while now, and I am hoping to get a better understanding of the entire model and application.

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I have one of those multifunction machines that I will have to test this with. It takes some wrangling just to get Windows to work with it, and that is WITH the vendor's software (HP).

Good timing. I am setting up my old Raspberry Pi Model B as a web server to work on a couple of things from the desktop or the laptop.

Great thing about using an old Raspberry Pi is that it reminds you to think through your process because if you are not careful you end up with sitting around waiting for it to complete the task before going onto the next step.

And when you provide tweaks or any changes that is supposed to make things more efficient or faster, you'll notice if it actually works or not. Try that on a modern system and there's no way for sure if you saved those couple of ms.