Open Thread Thursday: Patients like me

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Check out It's an online community that encourages you to share your healthcare experiences. And rather than a privacy policy, like most sites have, they have an "Openness Philosophy" page instead. You can view user comments on specific drugs or treatments that patients used for a variety of symptoms, illnesses and diseases. Communities exist for specific illnesses, like HIV/AIDs and Multiple Sclerosis. Scientists and researchers post their research projects, findings, and presentations.

Would you join and participate in this online community or others like it? Why or why not?

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Open Source Champion

This seems like a great way to get real feedback from "users" in a situation where you often feel like a guinea pig.

I know that I already Google for information on my own medical procedures and medicines, and often find this kind of info in existing forums and message boards. Having one place to go for it would rock.

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I'm hesitant to take drugs/pills for any reason. I like that a place exists where I can read others' experiences and stories.

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As a co-founder of I'm always supportive of new opportunities to offer education on lyme disease and other tick related diseases in the Carolinas. In addition we want to hear from residents who struggle with these diseases.