Open source tractor design

Open source tractors and DIY manufacturing

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We've talked about open source cars before, but open source tractors? Marcin Jakubowski has helped to open the designs for 50 farm machines, including a design for a tractor that he was able to build in six days at a cost far less that of a manufactured tractor. By creating and sharing blueprints for open machines, we're seeing the foundation for open civilations.

Jakubowski says those designs all fit on one DVD. But why is the focus on open hardware a game changer?

"We're focusing on hardware, because it is hardware that can change people's lives in such tangible, material ways," Jakubowski said in his TED talk. "If we can lower the barriers to farming, building, manufacturing, then we can unleash just massive amounts of human potential--that's not only in the developing world."

Check out the rest of Marcin Jakubowski TED talk: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization and let us know if you think this open source, DIY approach will catch on.

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