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Our articles on art and design include how open source software, hardware, and design are shaping today's artists and concepts.

Painting art on a computer screen

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is an expensive photography technique. HDRI Haven provides a community-powered gallery of freely available images.
Gaming with penguin pawns

Use chroma key or "green screen" techniques to set transparencies on your video-game graphics.
clouds in the sky with blue pattern

Nextcloud is open source software and we don’t provide a hosted service, yet we managed to radically simplify the signup experience.
Stack of books for reading

Use the open source publishing software, Scribus to create a cover for your next self-published book.
Open Lego CAD

Convert your 3D digital models into LEGO designs with Bricker
Painting art on a computer screen

Open Source Design connects projects that need design help with the designers who can help them.
Open Lego CAD

Open source virtual LEGOs allow you to build anything you can imagine.
Painting art on a computer screen

Get started with this open source image editing tool to save time and space.