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Our articles on art and design include how open source software, hardware, and design are shaping today's artists and concepts.

connecting yellow dots in a maze

Dot Matrix is a minimalist illustration program. Its limitations are what makes it so much fun to use.
Collaboration on a mobile software design

Penpot is an online design workspace where designers can create or import graphical elements, create mock-ups, and share those mock-ups with clients and collaborators.
Painting art on a computer screen

Whether you are a casual doodler or serious illustrator, this open source digital painting tool is loaded with useful brushes, colors, and other artistic features.
woman on laptop sitting at the window

Anyone can play with the potential of LiDAR with MeshLab, an open source LiDAR point cloud viewer and editor.
Pixel art in 3D with Goxel

Building models with Goxel is a lot of fun, like the best part of Lego without the sharp edges and like Minecraft without the Creepers.
6 paint brushes

If you love to paint, Krita can help you make sure your artwork looks its best.
Polaroids and palm trees

If you're taking photos good enough to process, you owe it to yourself to see what Darktable offers you.
Painting art on a computer screen

A step-by-step tutorial for how to use vector illustration with Inkscape.