LinuxCon schedule announced, including Torvalds, Mickos, Whitehurst |

LinuxCon schedule announced, including Torvalds, Mickos, Whitehurst

Posted 15 Jun 2011 by 

Ruth Suehle (Red Hat)
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Today The Linux Foundation announces the lineup of speakers for this year's LinuxCon North America, and we're pretty happy to see a lot of contributors on the agenda. As a part of the event, the foundation is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Linux through various activities, including a LinuxCon keynote by Linus Torvalds.

Other keynote speakers you've seen on include Marten Mickos, Chief Executive Officer at Eucalyptus Systems and Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO.

A “20 Years of Linux” pane will include Jon “maddog” Hall, FOSS veteran and advocate, and Eben Moglen, Software Freedom Law Center founder.

LinuxCon will be held in Vancouver, B.C. August 17-19, 2011. See the full schedule.

If you're a student or just ready to learn more about Linux, you can get there on the LinuxCon or Bust bus.

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