Poll: Your favorite open source conferences

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(1 votes)
What is the most important open source / free culture conference?
20.6% (27 votes)
linux.conf.au (LCA)
4.6% (6 votes)
11.5% (15 votes)
Open Source Business Conference (OSBC)
2.3% (3 votes)
12.2% (16 votes)
I think regional conferences are most valuable (Ex.: LinuxFest Northwest, Ohio LinuxFest)
17.6% (23 votes)
I think more topic-specific conferences are most valuable (Ex.: DrupalCon, EclipseCon)
16% (21 votes)
Conferences aren't really all that important
15.3% (20 votes)

After you vote, tell us why you made your choice and tell us about your favorite open source conferences.

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Corfy's picture

The headline asks about "favorite open source conferences", but just above the poll, it asks for "most important". Those might be mutually exclusive. Personally, I'd say the local ones are my favorite (Indiana LinuxFest and Ohio LinuxFest), but the national ones are probably more important.

AndrejT's picture

During the past few years I've been to many of these conferences and the atmosphere and topics discussed were the best at KDE's conference Akademy and the more general FOSDEM conference. So these are the two I try to attend every year.