Open Video Conference: Sharing more through open video

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For the past three years, I've attended the Open Video Conference in New York City, and in that short time the conference has not only grown in attendance, but the conversations being had there have changed quite a bit as well. What began as many small conversations about codecs, file types, and open source video software have now evolved into a much larger conversation around how content creators and educators are seeking ways to leverage the power of video to share their stories and open up their dialogues with the world.

"Open video" isn't just about the bits and the bytes, it's about the stories being told and the current limits around how that content is shared. Copyright law, remixing, social and political opinion, and the history of the documentary are just a few of the conversations that keep me heading back to NYC each year. As video continues to explode and content creators everywhere attempt to embrace it, these discussions will only continue to get richer and more complex. So whether you are a developer, a filmmaker, or even a marketer looking to leverage video for your business, the Open Video Conference has a conversation waiting for you to participate in.

Check it out here and stand by for the 2012 agenda.

"The great debates of the day happen in a medium of record, which is online video." - Ben Moskowitz, Mozilla

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At work, I'm a proud member of Red Hat's Brand Communications & Design team. As the Team Leader for the Digital Media & Video team here, I'm fortunate enough to be a part of virtually every video we produce. Which I love.

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