Does your organization have a process for collaboration?

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(6 votes)
Which collaboration tool is most widely adapted in your organization?
IRC (chat)
14.2% (19 votes)
Mailings lists/email
35.8% (48 votes)
Bug tracker
6% (8 votes)
20.1% (27 votes)
8.2% (11 votes)
Version Control System
9% (12 votes)
3.7% (5 votes)
Facebook Groups
3% (4 votes)

Most businesses today know that utilizing collaboration tools increases the liklihood success for a project, and for the organization as a whole. When people work together, brain power is multiplied; not only does more work tend to get done, but better work. The loner mentality—whether it's applied to how we think about office space, meetings, or project management—just doesn't measure up.

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