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Our articles on business look into how companies today are using open source and how "open" is shaping the future of business.

people in different locations who are part of the same team

Technology and content marketing teams can work together to reach the community around an open source software project.
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The role of product marketing and planned messaging in a successful release.
4 books that spell out open

Open source software increases in importance as more European nonprofits shift to products like Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE.
Working on a team, busy worklife

Open source users now have a robust and fully functional choice for groupware.
Looking at a map for career journey

A roadmap assures customers that your product will meet their needs, now and in the future.
Digital images of a computer desktop

]project-open[ simplifies one of the most challenging activities in IT: writing customer invoices.
Mobile devices are a big part of our daily lives

Lean startup principles help you manage your open source project with efficiency and success.
a handshake

Maintain a customer database and send promotions and offers with Dolibarr's CRM features.