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Our articles on business look into how companies today are using open source and how "open" is shaping the future of business.

team meeting

Swap out your proprietary communications software with an open source alternative that works with an Office 365 backend.
Supply chain management software tools

Keep track of your inventory and the materials you need to make your products with these supply chain management tools.
How to start writing macros in LibreOffice Basic

Get descriptions of variables and the rules for using them.
How to start an open source program in your company

With 65% of companies using open source software, it's not just internet-scale companies that can benefit from formal open source programs.
Desktop email clients

Ditch Outlook and check out six of the best open source desktop email applications.
Consider these 4 successful open source business models

Software that can be freely accessed, redistributed, and modified can be the basis of a successful business.
How to use WeKan to manage your work

WeKan takes the Kanban concept and puts it on the web in an easy-to-use format.
Making open source evergreen

Open source advocate Danese Cooper issues a call to arms in her Lightning Talk from All Things Open 2017.