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Obliteration = Collaboration

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A recent exhibition at the Children's Art Centre in Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art fuses two seemingly disparate concepts (destruction with creation) through a simple, kid-based approach with a design spin.

From Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama comes a unique project exploring white space, collaboration, and change. Titled "The Obliteration Room," the interactive installation encourages children and families to completely transform the clean blank slate of a room into a space fluent with colorful circles.

A thousand or so dot-shaped stickers later, the white environment has morphed into a spectrum of primary colors. Each circle builds on the previous, in turn creating a new canvas for the next application. It's a pretty awesome visual representation of collaboration, openness, and creation:

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Paula Weigel - Paula is a Brand Manager on the Brand Communications + Design team for Red Hat. She spent 12 years creating brand names for companies and new products. Paula is now a fan of finding ways to apply open source to creative endeavors.