New York holds open source tech conference

Call for speakers: NYC Open Tech Conference

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Call for speakers
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Join us as we celebrate innovation in technology at New York City's open source conference: NYC Open Tech Conference. It will bring together members of the community across a variety of disciplines to learn and exchange ideas, where we hope to explore the connection between open source and the growth of the tech scene in NYC.

We’re calling for speakers available to present on Saturday, March 30. Here are some examples of topics we would like to cover:

  • How open source is powering your NYC-based company or nonprofit, especially in finance, media, advertising, or culture.
  • How you are using open source with a local impact (e.g. building / operating a NYC-based physical goods factory, organizing a NYC-based community group).
  • Discussions of the open source community in NYC and its evolution / impact.
  • Discussions of open source in state / local policy.

At this event, we hope attendees will gain a better understanding of how open source drives technological innovation in ways that are relevant to NYC startups and NYC industries, as well as gain a better understanding of what the open source community looks like in our area.

For more information, to register, or to submit a talk, please go to

Meghan Gill is Director of Community Marketing at 10gen (the MongoDB Company) and organizer of too many tech meetups in NYC. She blogs about marketing and community management at