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How often have you thought of a way to improve a piece of software or hardware? How many times have you wondered why companies invest millions of dollars to produce a product that is obviously lacking from the moment it launches? Have you ever wished you were in a position, or had the skills, to change that?

Chances are if you've typed 'open source' into your search engine then you've heard about SourceForge and OpenHatch. If you're not familiar with these sites, I'd absolutely recommend checking them out. They present an amazing platform where you can get involved with a variety of high-quality, open source projects.

But, what if you're not a programmer? If you look around, you'll find an article by Doug McKean titled: How non-programmers can contribute to open source projects. As he mentions, there are heaps of ways for non-programmers to help. There's always beta testing, documenting, translation, evangelizing, and donating.

The problem

What if you have an idea, just not the skills to see it come to fruition? An Austrian friend and I faced that very dilemma. We came up with an amazing application to change the way mechanics service or repair vehicles they're not familiar with. The only problem was to develop such an idea was going to cost us upwards of $40,000. We wanted to get involved with an open source team, not to beta test or evangelize, but we wanted people to help us make our software a reality. We wanted to get together with like-minded, passionate people, and we wanted to see our dreams become reality. Just because we can't code, doesn't mean an amazing idea should never see the light of day, does it? Programmers and developers are always trying to come up with good ideas, what if that idea is a non-programmer's head, and they're happy to share it and help develop it?

Our vision

It's time to change the game. Ideas for software programs should no longer be left in the hands of people with just technical skills. People with good ideas should be able to inspire and work alongside open source programmers to create amazing software, regardless of their computing background. Open Sourcity will be the community platform where great ideas inspire talented programmers to help create software that matters most to people. Idea and skills sharing will see developments that we've only ever imagined, but never thought would see the light of day due to lack of support.

Let's get started

We're looking to work with passionate people to make this community a reality. If you're a web designer, graphics designer, marketing expert, SEO expert, or just someone with a really good idea, get in touch now. Anyone with a desire to further the open source message can take part in this project. Together we can create the future we want. 

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Beaux Walton is a blogger and for the last 12 months has been traveling the world experiencing all that it has to offer. He has a passion for all things technology related and believes that somewhere out there in the open source community is an idea that will change the world.

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Great job mate. Good clean article explaining the concept simply so the average person can understand what your vision is all about. Good luck mate.

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