Which repository do you use?

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Poll: Which code repository do you use?


From James Bowes' article, A code hosting comparison for open source projects:

If you're starting a new open source project, or open sourcing some existing code, you'll need a publicly accessible location for the version control system holding your code (if you're not planning on setting up a publicly accessible VCS, reconsider; no public source control is a red flag to potential contributors). You could set up your own repository hosting, but with so many companies and groups offering existing setups and services, why not use one of those and save yourself some time?

Read more on SourceForge, GitHub, Google Code, Gitorious, and Bitbucket from his article.

If your not familiar with Codeplex it's Microsoft's free open source project hosting site.

What qualities do you look for in a repository? Share in the comments or tweet to us @opensourceway.

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Launchpad missing?

Launchpad.net is important one. It uses Bazar (bzr) as its code management system. It's OK.
My project: https://launchpad.net/audio-recorder

you for got an option named "All of the above"
which is what I use.

GitHub for public project, Bitbucket for private. Both use Git. I don't know other repositories. I would like to know more about these. I'd appreciate if you tell develop a little more (which VCS used, capacity limit for free account, any specific, etc.)

You forgot "Apache", "Eclipse", and the like - i.e. open source foundations that host multiple projects on their own SCM's. Kind of like Codeplex, but with actual organization and shared standards.


When using Git (or I would imagine other distributed version control systems) then it is largely about choosing which hosting location should be writable. It is very easy to then mirror to the other services for redundancy, and as many of them provide free hosting for open source projects why not use them to mirror your repositories?

I use GitHub, Assembla and own repository based in Apache.

I do love me some Github. I've started doing everything with them (hosting my web page, keeping research notes, etc). I like how it keeps track of all of the projects I interact with, helping me build a public portfolio of my most important contributions to the software world.

I like to say that Github is an action-oriented social network: all of the conversations and interactions take place in the context of working together on projects. It's a much more authentic form of communication in my eyes. :)

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