Poll: Which code repository do you use most?

Which repository do you use?

Poll: Which code repository do you use?
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Which repository is your primary choice?

766 votes tallied
197 votes
368 votes
Google Code
36 votes
14 votes
87 votes
2 votes
62 votes

From James Bowes' article, A code hosting comparison for open source projects:

If you're starting a new open source project, or open sourcing some existing code, you'll need a publicly accessible location for the version control system holding your code (if you're not planning on setting up a publicly accessible VCS, reconsider; no public source control is a red flag to potential contributors). You could set up your own repository hosting, but with so many companies and groups offering existing setups and services, why not use one of those and save yourself some time?

Read more on SourceForge, GitHub, Google Code, Gitorious, and Bitbucket from his article.

If your not familiar with Codeplex it's Microsoft's free open source project hosting site.

What qualities do you look for in a repository? Share in the comments or tweet to us @opensourceway.

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