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GitHub is the world's largest internet repository for open source code and version control. It also hosts documentation, pull requests, bug and issue tracking, and more.

Woman programming

Stay resilient by keeping your open source code in an open source repository.
Command line prompt

If you prefer to work from the command line, try hub, a command-line tool for GitHub.
Hands programming

Protect your access to important projects by mirroring Git repositories with Ansible.
An intersection of pipes.

Integrating just a little bit of automation into your workflow can greatly improve your productivity and development velocity.
a checklist for a team

Learn how to fork a repo, make changes, and ask the maintainers to review and merge it.
computer servers processing data

Learn how to configure two repositories to serve as static websites with custom domain names.
Snake charmer cartoon with a yellow snake and a blue snake

Create a blog with Pelican, a Python-based blogging platform that works well with GitHub.
Filing papers and documents

Back up or sync your custom configurations across your systems by sharing dotfiles on GitLab or GitHub.