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GitHub is the world's largest internet repository for open source code and version control. It also hosts documentation, pull requests, bug and issue tracking, and more.

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Integrating just a little bit of automation into your workflow can greatly improve your productivity and development velocity.
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Learn how to fork a repo, make changes, and ask the maintainers to review and merge it.
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Learn how to configure two repositories to serve as static websites with custom domain names.
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Create a blog with Pelican, a Python-based blogging platform that works well with GitHub.
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Back up or sync your custom configurations across your systems by sharing dotfiles on GitLab or GitHub.
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Want to learn Git? Check out this quick summary of the most important terms and commands.
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GitHub's recent acquisition has caused some users to explore alternatives to the popular code repository. Here are some to consider.
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Bring a method to the madness of organizing your open source project with GitHub project boards.