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GitHub is the world's largest internet repository for open source code and version control. It also hosts documentation, pull requests, bug and issue tracking, and more.

6 starting points for open source beginners

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5 keys to project success on GitHub

How do you engage the open source community? RethinkDB's Michael Glukhovsky shares tips.
Git in the classroom

Michael Taggart shares how he configured Git for use in his middle school programming classes.

Nearly 15,000 people signed up and 5,708 earned a T-shirt. In total, participants submitted 48,902...
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Summary of All Things Open 2015 session with Lee Faus, GitHub 101: An introduction
Open community, gardeners and food co-op

Nicole Engard summarizes Jono Bacon's keynote, The new era of community, at All Things Open 2015.
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Katie McLaughlin tells us about octohat, a tool for keeping track of both code and non-code...
All Things Open interview series

GitHub's Brandon Keepers shares some interesting insights into constraints developers face and how...