Tell us your open source New Year's resolution

What's your New Year's resolution? We share open source ideas for 2014.

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Not everyone buys into the whole "New Year's resolution" thing. But we know some of you have a personal to-do list that you hope to tackle in 2014. And we can't help but wonder if any of your resolutions have something to do with open source?

  • Maybe you're going to jump back into that open source, side project you abandoned last year.
  • Perhaps you know you need to do a better job with documentation, and this is the year you resolve to take more time documenting the projects you're working on.
  • This might be the year you'll actually report the bugs you encounter to developers instead of working around it.
  • Will you do a better job promoting the open source projects you're working on (or evanglizing the open source software you love to use)?
  • Maybe you plan to be more helpful to others in your open source communities, making professionalism a top goal.

We'd love to hear about your open source resolution.

Share it with us in the comments section. Then get busy tackling your goals. So will we. 


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