What's your New Year's resolution? We share open source ideas for 2014.

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Not everyone buys into the whole "New Year's resolution" thing. But we know some of you have a personal to-do list that you hope to tackle in 2014. And we can't help but wonder if any of your resolutions have something to do with open source?

  • Maybe you're going to jump back into that open source, side project you abandoned last year.
  • Perhaps you know you need to do a better job with documentation, and this is the year you resolve to take more time documenting the projects you're working on.
  • This might be the year you'll actually report the bugs you encounter to developers instead of working around it.
  • Will you do a better job promoting the open source projects you're working on (or evanglizing the open source software you love to use)?
  • Maybe you plan to be more helpful to others in your open source communities, making professionalism a top goal.

We'd love to hear about your open source resolution.

Share it with us in the comments section. Then get busy tackling your goals. So will we. 


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In 2013 was new to contributing in open source, in 2014 I would like to become an expert in contributing to open source.

The Belgian federal elections will take place this year, in May. This is the right moment to promote our free and open-source projects to our politicians, and to ask public support for open-source development.

English accent training (since I&#39;m not a native speaker)</li>
Develop and deploy android apps on Playstore (won&#39;t only keep them on my smartphone which I use as emulator)</li>
Obtain online certificates thanks to Coursera and Udacity (I am aiming for Web developement,Android developement and Project management certificates)</li>
Write more frequently on my blog</li>
Get better at singing and playing guitar</li>

Hi Samuel. I also love the Guitar. I play acoustic guitar. Long live Open Source!!!

Ooops, I just clicked vote down, it cannot be undone. It should be vote up! Long live open source.

I would like to master Linux systems this year and become an awesome programmer. Get more involved in math and build new impressive systems. Oh, and hopefully make some money to update my books because they are pretty old :-)

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