Space Nerds in Space, Ryzom on Steam, and more open gaming news

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Hello open gamers! This week we're going to take a look at what's going on with Space Nerds in Space, Ryzom on Steam, and the newest OpenRA.

Open gaming roundup for May 15-21, 2016

Space Nerds in Space with voice control

Over the last few months, SNIS creator Stephen Cameron has been helping to make this amazing spaceship bridge simulator even more like the iconic bridges of Star Trek. With spoken commands like, "Computer, plot a route to the nearest planet," one can now actually perform this command without having to type it all out as before. Every screen now has voice command recognition and feedback. While this may cause problems with everyone in the room barking commands to their assigned station, you have to admit that this is cool!

Ryzom is now available on Steam

The popular MMORPG game Ryzom is finally available via Steam. It even allows account creation via Steam rather than its own unique account. With impressive graphics, the game has a Legend of Zelda feel to it, which is a good thing in my opinion. This game is cross-platform, so even if you haven't convinced your friends to make the switch to Linux, it's still possible to play together. The world is huge, vibrant, and fun to explore. Check it out!

Recent updates on OpenRA

OpenRA, an open source port of my favorite strategy game Command and Conquer, has released a new stable version this week. Among the bug fixes, you will see that walls actually stop bullets now, Nod units are the original color, you can restart missions and skirmish games, and the minimap now shows team colors of the players. After playing this game over a year ago, I can attest that these changes are much welcomed by the community and will help guarantee its success. If you ever played any of the Command and Conquer games, this is worth checking out for the nostalgia it will bring.

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