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My first use of Linux was in 2003 in my freshman 'intro to computers' class. Ironically, it was a Red Hat distro. I became comfortable enough with these systems and a Sun system to get normal work done over the semester.
I made the actual switch in late 2009 when I was able to breath life back into my old Laptop that I bought back in 2003 for college (see above). It had WinXP, but was just old enough that you couldnt boot from USB. Over time the CD drive quit working, so when Windows inevitably died, so did any way of reinstalling an OS to the computer. After sitting in a closet for a few years, I stumbled across Puppy and Knoppix live distros. I decided to take the hard drive out my old laptop, put it in my current one, install Linux (gOS, based on Ubuntu 8.04), and put it back in the original laptop. IT BOOTED! I was then hooked, and have been primarily using Ubuntu, with Fedora as a strong second (maybe becoming #1 in my eyes soon), ever since.

You are correct. I was looking at some outdated information and didn't realize it until it was too late. They now say it will be ported over "in the future". I just hope "the future" is soon!