A community-produced guide to becoming a more open leader

Now available: The Open Organization Leaders Manual

Download our community-produced guide to becoming a more open leader.

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Organizations are becoming more open—but that certainly doesn't mean they don't need leaders.

In fact, the demand for effective leadership hasn't abated in the age of the networked organization. If anything, it's increased. But yesterday's leadership strategies and tactics just won't cut it today.

The open organization community at Opensource.com understands this—perhaps more acutely than anyone. So we've written a book about it.

Available now, The Open Organization Leaders Manual is a community-produced companion to Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization. With contributions from more than 15 authors, it explores new attitudes and practices leaders should adopt when leveraging the power of transparency, meritocracy, inclusivity, sharing, and collaboration to build the workplaces of the future.

Download it (or purchase a paperback copy) today.

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Bryan Behrenshausen
Bryan Behrenshausen - Bryan edits and manages the Open Organization section of Opensource.com, which features stories about the ways open values and principles are changing how we think about organizational culture and design. He's worked on Opensource.com since 2011. Find him online as semioticrobotic.