Join us right here at 2 p.m. ET (19:00 UTC) for an #OpenOrgChat

February 18 #OpenOrgChat: Open organizations and government

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Join us later today for an #OpenOrgChat about the intersection of open organizations and government! As usual, we'll gather around the #OpenOrgChat hashtag at 2 p.m. EST (14:00 ET/19:00 UTC).

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This week's special guests

Some questions we'll explore

  • Why is OpenOrg thinking especially important for governments (of all sizes) today?
  • What govnt functions/services most desperately need #opengov and #TheOpenOrg renovation?
  • What's the relationship between "management" and "government" today? How are they different or similar?
  • What can #TheOpenOrg movement learn from the #opengov movement?

#OpenOrgChat Twitter chat


Sandra McCann

Was a real blast. Glad to see the chat come back!

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So great to see you! Hope you're joining us again!

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