July 21 Twitter chat: Open organizations and non-profits

July 21 #OpenOrgChat: Open organizations and non-profits

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Join us later today for an #OpenOrgChat about open organizations and non-profits! As usual, we'll gather around the #OpenOrgChat hashtag at 2 p.m. Eastern (14:00 ET/19:00 UTC).

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This week's special guests

Some questions we'll explore

  • What makes a union between OpenOrg thinking and non-profit work so appealing?
  • How does an organization's status as non-profit affect organizational culture?
  • What can open organizations learn from successful non-profits?
  • What are your most effective strategies for aligning passion and purpose (surely @openmatt has some ideas)?
  • What challenges do non-profits encounter when they try to open up (I bet @lhawthorn and @divadanese have stories)?
  • What unique value do non-profits bring to open source communities specifically? (we're looking at you @o0karen0o)
  • What books would you recommend to someone interested in OpenOrg thinking and non-profit work?

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