A recap of the July 21 #OpenOrgChat

Organizing openly for the public good

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The open organization community at Opensource.com welcomed the second half of 2016 with a Twitter chat discussing "open organizations and non-profits." Voices old and new participated, and our chat was (as always) compelling. Read the recap below as you prepare for the next #OpenOrgChat.

Q1: What makes a union between OpenOrg thinking and non-profit work so appealing? #OpenOrgChat

Q2: How does an organization's status as non-profit affect organizational culture? #OpenOrgChat

Q3: What can open organizations learn from successful non-profits? #OpenOrgChat

Q4: What are your most effective strategies for aligning passion and purpose? #OpenOrgChat

Q5: What challenges do non-profits encounter when they try to open up (bet @lhawthorn has stories!)? #OpenOrgChat

Q6: What books would you recommend to someone interested in OpenOrg thinking and non-profit work? #OpenOrgChat

Q7: What unique value do non-profits bring to open source communities specifically? (we're looking at @o0karen0o!) #OpenOrgChat

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