A recap of the August 25 #OpenOrgChat

Is being open worth the effort?

Worth it?
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Becoming (or remaining) an open organization is challenging. This month, the open organization community at Opensource.com discussed those challenges—and so much more—during our #OpenOrgChat on Twitter. If you missed it, check out the recap below as you prepare for our next chat.

Q1: What's the most recent challenge you've overcome in an OpenOrg?

Q2: What are the largest barriers to effective #collaboration in OpenOrgs? Strategies to enhance collaboration?

Q3: What makes balancing "community" and "brand" in an OpenOrg most difficult?

Q4: How to implement systems for evaluation/merit when working with external contributors and communities?

Q5: In OpenOrg, great ideas keep coming. How to stay agile and respond while getting stuff done?

Q6: What's challenging about being open when working in support of a specific business strategy?

Q7: How have you handled bringing in new people unfamiliar with an open organization?

Q8: What tools have helped alleviate a frustration or challenge your team faced?

Q9: What's the largest impediment to #transparency in an OpenOrg?

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