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Here's an overview of September's new releases on OpenOrgTV.
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Last month, Open Organization community members took to the airwaves (or maybe the fiber optics?) to discuss some of the ways open principles are changing how we work, manage, and lead. Here's what we shared on OpenOrgTV.

Encouraging honest dialog

In this episode of our mailbag-style, Q&A show, “Ask the Ambassadors,” community members respond to an ongoing concern in open organizations: “How can I encourage (and participate in) open conversations without hurting anyone’s feelings or making people uncomfortable?” A panel of Open Organization Ambassadors offers their perspectives on cultures of accountability, growing accustomed to direct feedback, and alternatives to calling ideas simply “good” or “bad.”

Educators’ roundtable

To celebrate “back to school” season in the United States, host Jen Kelchner sat down with the editors behind The Open Organization Guide for Educators to mark the book’s anniversary and chat about the evolving relationship between open organization principles and educational institutions. No surprise: they’re more important than ever. This wide-ranging discussion explains how thinkinly openly in a post-pandemic world can help educators avoid reverting to systems, processes, structures, and behaviors that we may prefer to leave in the past.

Starting projects openly

Open Organization Ambassador Ron McFarland returns with the latest installment of “Ron’s Reviews,” a deep dive into the books that shape our thinking about open principles’ impact in organizations globally. In this episode, Ron returns to writing he did four (!!) years ago to offer additional insights on initiating projects with openness in mind—and avoiding Citizens Against Virtiaully Everything, who may try to derail them.

Building trust

A panel of experts gathers once more to discuss another reader-submitted question: “It seems like building open organizations requires trust. What are some ways I can begin building that trust among managers, leaders, and team members?” Answers took twists and turns both surprising and productive—from gradeschool wisdom, to feeling unmoored, to the importance of consistency among organizational leadership. Don’t miss another fantastic episode of “Ask the Ambassadors.”

Tune in next time

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Jen Kelchner
Jen Kelchner is a thought leader on culture, leadership, and digital transformation. She has been featured in Forbes, CMO.com, Google Cloud, Red Hat, Enterprisers Project and other publications.
Bryan Behrenshausen
Bryan formerly managed the Open Organization section of Opensource.com, which features stories about the ways open values and principles are changing how we think about organizational culture and design. He's worked on Opensource.com since 2011. Find him online as semioticrobotic.

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