Back to School 2016

Hands holding a mobile phone with open on the screen

Open source is playing a greater role in education than ever before. What tools can help students learn, start new projects, and do their homework? What tips and tricks can teachers employ to use open source software and hardware to teach students the fundamentals of science, math, and more? How does the inexpensive and open nature of open source software and hardware give teachers, parents, and student alike a leg up? Find out in our Back to School 2016 series.

5 reasons professors should encourage students to get involved in open source projects—by Heidi Ellis, Professor and Chair of the Computer Science and Information Technology department at Western New England University

7 resources for open education materials—by Don Watkins, educator and education technology specialist

Open education is more than open content—by Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat

Schools that #GoOpen should #GoOpenSource—by Charlie Reisinger, IT Director for Penn Manor School District

4 tips for teaching kids how to build electronics—by Oyvind Nydal Dahl, author of Electronics For Kids (2016, No Starch Press)

Raspberry Pi Foundation's Code Club teaches kids skills to compete in our digital world—by Maria Quevedo, Director of Code Club UK

Free education resources from Curriki and Sankoré wikis—by Benjamin Lanciaux of XWiki SAS

Get started with Dr. Geo for geometry—by Christopher Whittuman educator at a local middle school

3 copyright tips for students and educators—by Subhashish Panigrahi, an educator and Wikimedian

Building a classroom around interactive code—by Mike Croucher, an EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow at University of Sheffield

Open Source Computer Club: Out of the trash, into the classroom—by Patrick Masson, General Manager for the Open Source Initiative

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