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Learn how open source tools are powering the big data and analytics revolution.

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There is significant potential for abuse when privacy protections in open data are insufficient or nonexistent.
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Versatile Python library offers powerful machine learning tools for data analysis and data mining.

Decide how to store and share your personal information.
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ProPublica Illinois open-sourced their code for loading Illinois campaign finance data. The process used to take hours. Learn how Make helped cut that down to less than 30 minutes.
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Leading cloud providers offer business solutions that tap the power of IoT, Big Data, AI, and other emerging technologies.
Balancing transparency and privacy as big data meets HR

Big data is coming to human resources. What can your open organization expect?
Open standards in processor innovation with RISC-V

As big data and fast data applications create more extreme workloads, purpose-built architectures must pick up where today's architectures have reached their limit.
Key information for automating your data center with Ansible.

Key information for automating your data center with Ansible.