Command line Command line feed

Learn how to make better use of the command line, the interface preferred by many open source developers and users.

The Linux cat and zcat commands are more useful than you may realize.
Terminal command prompt on orange background

Text files and Linux go hand in hand. Or so it seems. But how you view those text files depends on what tools you're comfortable with.
scientific calculator

Orpie is a scientific calculator that functions much like early, well-loved HP calculators.
Person standing in front of a giant computer screen with numbers, data

Keep key information in view with WTF, the sixth in our series on open source tools that will make you more productive in 2019.
Linux toy: adventure

Our final day of the Linux command-line toys advent calendar ends with the beginning of a grand adventure.
Linux toy: remote

Use these tools to access weather, reading material, and more from remote locations.
Linux toy: youtube-dl

Thought video content was just for your GUI? Think again.
Linux toy: mplayer

MPlayer is an extremely versatile open source media player that can be surprisingly useful at the Linux command line.