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Learn how to make better use of the command line, the interface preferred by many open source developers and users.

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Automatically perform a set of actions on multiple files with for loops and find commands.
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Organize your terminal like Marie Kondo with tmux.
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Learn the tools and commands to check for network connections and add a static network connection in CentOS.

Like the Jedi Force, -f is powerful, potentially destructive, and very helpful when you know how to use it.
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Ispell helps you stamp out typos in plain text files written in more than 50 languages.
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Seahorse, also referred to as Passwords and Keys, allows you to manage SSH key generation and distribution even if you're not comfortable working on the command line.
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Help us pick the best Linux terminal emulator by completing our poll.
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Take a look at less, Antiword, and odt2txt, three utilities for viewing files in the terminal.