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Learn how to make better use of the command line, the interface preferred by many open source developers and users.

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Pushd and popd are the fastest navigational commands you've never heard of.
Files in a folder

mdp, tpp, and sent may not win you any design awards, but they'll give you basic slides that you can run from a terminal.
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Learn the difference between absolute and relative paths and how to use them, and save yourself a lot of time and potential trouble.
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If you're used to drag-and-drop environments, then file paths may be frustrating. Learn here how they work, and some basic tricks to make using them easier.
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Tired of typing the same long commands over and over? Do you feel inefficient working on the command line? Bash aliases can make a world of difference.
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Learn how to reboot Linux through many different methods, from the GUI to deep within the command line.
Linux kernel source code (C) in Visual Studio Code

If you're not using Autotools yet, this tutorial will change the way you deliver your code.
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Automatically perform a set of actions on multiple files with for loops and find commands.