Community management

How to build an open source community

open source community
Community is vital to an open source project. An active and supportive community is the heart of the project. However, having an open source licence...Read more

10 secrets to sustainable open source communities

open source communities
Elizabeth Leddy gave the next talk I attended entitled, Wish I Knew How to Quit You: 10 Secrets to Sustainable Open Source Communities . Elizabeth...Read more

The increasing value of community management

open source communities
"Every year, the art and science of community management is becoming more predictable," said Jono Bacon, the Community Leadership Summit lead...Read more

50 community building tips from Feverbee

Community building the open source way
If you're looking for a few immediately useful actions for community building, here are 50 that might help.Read more

Are freeloaders helpful or hurtful to open source communities?

FOSS contributors
Concerns are raised every once in a while in the broader free and open source software community about freeloaders. The attitude expressed is that if...Read more

Make it easy to contribute by making the software easy to test

testing software
Question: How do you get more developers to contribute to a free and open source software project? Contribution is the lifeblood of a FOSS community...Read more

Four types of open source communities

open source communities
Open source software is not only about programming code. There exist a vast amount of different organizational structures that facilitate the...Read more

JQooBe platform helps communities manage communication

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JQooBe is a platform that allows users to create simple blogs, websites, and advanced applications within a community. It is developed in PHP, Ajax,...Read more