Community management

Make it easy to contribute by making the software easy to test

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Question: How do you get more developers to contribute to a free and open source software project? Contribution is the lifeblood of a FOSS community...Read more

Four types of open source communities

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Open source software is not only about programming code. There exist a vast amount of different organizational structures that facilitate the...Read more

JQooBe platform helps communities manage communication

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JQooBe is a platform that allows users to create simple blogs, websites, and advanced applications within a community. It is developed in PHP, Ajax,...Read more

Why businesses are adopting the open source community approach

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A few months ago, I joined Red Hat as a marketing apprentice (intern) in Paris, France—where I am also continuing my studies at France Business...Read more

Discovering hidden influencers that make and break project success

A provocative research finding is that 75-90% of all large organizational projects fail to meet their original objectives, (Patterson et al. (2006...Read more

Mozilla measures interest in their open source projects using site metrics

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David Boswell has a couple of interesting posts ( here and here ) about how he is using metrics to measure how effective Mozilla is at attracting and...Read more

Diaspora slowly becoming a community-run project, but is it too late?

We've followed Diaspora for a while now , since its beginning when it was the largest project Kickstarter had seen and was being called "the Facebook...Read more

The science of community management, a look at open source 2.0

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Want to thank everyone who came to my session and who sent me wonderful feedback from both the keynote and the session. I was thrilled to see ZDnet...Read more