Florian has been a free and open source enthusiast for more than 16 years. He works for The Document Foundation, the nonprofit behind LibreOffice and previously volunteered in marketing and infrastructure. As a student, he designed educational computer systems for schools, including software deployment based on free software and was a frequent contributor to a variety of professional magazines worldwide on topics such as free software, open standards and legal matters. A proud uncle, he loves to spend time with the family and occasionally blogs about various topics, including community building, free and open source software and computer networks. Based around Munich, he helped to create the local open source meetings and shaped the tasty idea of open source cooking. ;-)

Authored Content

community team brainstorming ideas

It's not just about subject matter expertise; leadership in the open source world requires special skills and processes.
Remote people connected on clouds

Contributing to open source is more than a way to make better software; it can enrich your entire life.
waffles and ingredients

Learn the tasty way one open source meetup has evolved into a regular cooking meetup, too.

Contributed Content

"what is your story" on chalkboard

Five, short personal stories about first introductions to the world of open source software.