Kevin is currently an Entreprenuer-in-Residence at OSS Capital. He writes weekly about the broader technology industry on Interconnected. He was previously General Manager of Global Strategy and Operations at PingCAP, a commercial open source company behind the NewSQL database TiDB. He frequently shares his writing on open source, community building, and business models on Twitter, LinkedIn.

Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn at: @kevinsxu

Authored Content

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Focusing on metrics around community ownership and incentives can increase your odds of building a sustainable open source project.
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Community building is critical to the success of any open source project. Here's how to evaluate your community's health and strengthen it.
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Documentation quality can make the difference in people trying your project or passing it by.
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Marketing an open source project is mainly about education, and traditional marketing techniques do not apply.
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Here is a roadmap for turning a project into a commercial open source product.