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The days of siloed development and operations teams are over. The DevOps article collection explores the world of agile development, feedback loops, team dynamics, system administration meets operations, and DevOps best practices.

DevOps rewrites the rules for IT leaders: For more advice on culture change, managing teams, and measuring success, see The Enterprisers Project's DevOps coverage.

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Metrics can tell you some things, but not the most important things about how your products and teams are doing.
Team of people around the world

DevOps transformation success hinges on removing the barriers inherent in an organization.

We surveyed individual members of small and large scrum teams. Here are some key findings.
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This game builds risk mitigation into your workflow before iteration planning to decrease security threats.
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Having the right motivation is as important as choosing the right tool when implementing BDD.
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These four principles address communication, processes, and benefits of scrum methodologies for smaller workgroups.
A quickstart guide to Ansible

Download the Ansible Automation for SysAdmins guide.
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Getting the foundations right is key to DevOps success.