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Learn how to break the cycle of doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.
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This month we focus on understanding goals that your organization tries to communicate, and how you can incrementally chip away at communication failures. 
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One remote open source development team shares their DevOps best practices.
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This month we look at ways to balance your workload, gracefully say "no," and avoid burnout.
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LinuxFest Northwest interview with Corey Quinn
Even as accepted standards on how to do it "right" remain elusive, DevOps is a crucial element of modern IT.
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Like everything, DevOps evolves, which means you and your organization must continually learn and evolve with it.
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How to get your DevOps team on the same page.
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GitLab's new features, The New York Times' Gizmo, Walmart's OneOps, and more news
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at GitLab's new features, OneOps continuous app lifecycle management software from Walmart, Gizmo from The New York Times, and more. Open source news roundup for January 23 - 29, 2016
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Lessons learned (the hard way) doing DevOps at scale
Victor Gajendran shares how Ticketmaster uses open source and how to empower your small teams to be part of a large, effective whole.
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In his talk at All Things Open, Sean Cavanaugh of Cumulus Networks will discuss using DevOps tools like ONIE and Ansible for provisioning and modernizing the data center.
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