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The days of siloed development and operations teams are over. The DevOps article collection explores the world of agile development, feedback loops, team dynamics, system administration meets operations, and DevOps best practices.

DevOps rewrites the rules for IT leaders: For more advice on culture change, managing teams, and measuring success, see The Enterprisers Project's DevOps coverage.

If you are interested in the intersection of open source and DevOps, join our team of DevOps practitioners who want to share the open source stories happening in the world of IT. The Open Source DevOps Team is looking for writers, curators, and others to share these stories.

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Mountebank simulates services you're dependent on so autonomous teams can continue development activities without having to wait on anyone.
Wratchet set tools

Take a fresh look at why DevOps is important, what it means for IT professionals, and its methods, frameworks, and tools.
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Declare a truce between ITSM and DevOps within your organization by learning these lessons.
CICD with gears

Automation is pivotal to DevOps, but is everything automatable?
Pair programming

The difference between the two is what happens after development.
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Learn when, what, and how to test in a TDD system.
Team meeting

"Being the right person for DevOps is being more than just your ops/dev role," says Josh Atwell in his Lightning Talk at All Things Open 2019.