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The days of siloed development and operations teams are over. The DevOps article collection explores the world of agile development, feedback loops, team dynamics, system administration meets operations, and DevOps best practices.

DevOps rewrites the rules for IT leaders: For more advice on culture change, managing teams, and measuring success, see The Enterprisers Project's DevOps coverage.

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Two hands holding a resume with computer, clock, and desk chair

Ask yourself these essential career questions about cloud, DevOps, coding, and where you're going next in IT.
Ants and a leaf making the word "open"

Since test-driven development is modeled on how nature works, mutation testing is the natural next step in the evolution of DevOps.
Team checklist and to dos

Learn the differences between scrum and kanban and which may be best for your team.
gears and lightbulb to represent innovation

In the context of software development, fail fast is innocuous to DevOps.
failure sign at a party, celebrating failure

In blameless DevOps culture, failure is more than an option; it's our friend.
technical resume for hiring new talent

Whether you're a recent college graduate or a seasoned IT pro looking to advance your career, these tips can help you get hired as a DevOps engineer.
metrics and data shown on a computer screen

Dashboards help DevOps teams observe and monitor systems to improve performance.
Target practice

A hands-on introduction to container security using Anchore with Jenkins on Kubernetes.