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The days of siloed development and operations teams are over. The DevOps article collection explores the world of agile development, feedback loops, team dynamics, system administration meets operations, and DevOps best practices.

Improve your DevOps security game with Ansible Vault

A brief tutorial on getting started creating a vault file with Ansible for security.
A developer's journey through DevOps

The days of siloed development and operations teams is over.
People work on a computer server

In October, the OpenOrg and DevOps communities joined forces for an #OpenOrgChat.
Secured DevOps for microservices

Containers and microservices have revolutionized application development and infrastructure...
DevOps is a battlefield at the IT shop

What do DevOps and military strategy have in common? More than you'd think.
Bringing DevOps to the classroom

How to bring DevOps' speed to slow-moving classrooms.
Five years in the making, the DevOps handbook arrives

A new handbook for DevOps took five years to write—but it's proof that the future is here.

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