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The days of siloed development and operations teams are over. The DevOps article collection explores the world of agile development, feedback loops, team dynamics, system administration meets operations, and DevOps best practices.

DevOps rewrites the rules for IT leaders: For more advice on culture change, managing teams, and measuring success, see The Enterprisers Project's DevOps coverage.

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Tips and gears turning

These serverless applications development and deployment approaches are driving fast-adoption of the DevApps practice today.
Looking at a map

In 2020,'s top DevOps articles focused on testing, software methodologies, and the most important part: the people
Teamwork starts with communication across silos

DevOps is all about people, and people need empathy to thrive and be productive. Here's how to build it into your team.
Kanban-style organization action

Now that more workforces are remote, DevOps teams can maximize their collaboration and productivity by following open source principles.
two women kanban brainstorming and brainmapping with post-it notes on a whiteboard

Quickly shifting to remote work has enterprises looking to meet the ops needs of a suddenly distributed team, and there are open source options to get them there.
Searching for code

Test driven development (TDD) separates computing results from actions to ensure your code does what you expect.
Brick wall between two people, a developer and an operations manager

Are you focused more on security or software delivery? Or can you have both?
Net catching 1s and 0s or data in the clouds

Continuous integration and continuous delivery is powered by testing. Here's how.