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Get reports from DrupalCon, an annual event that brings together users of the Drupal content management system (CMS) software.

Tree in an open field with clouds

If your brain is sputtering to a halt, you could be suffering from multitasking and decision fatigue.
Team checklist and to dos

Test your Drupal site's functionality in a human-readable format.
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The 2019 Drupal Community DevOps Survey shows where DevOps adoption is succeeding and where it needs improvement.
CICD with gears

Clearing up some of the confusion about DevOps.

This article includes six open source productivity tools.
old school calculator

Machine bias in artificial intelligence is a known and unavoidable problem—but it is not unmanageable.
Two animated computers waving one missing an arm

To achieve animation on a website, we can use open source technologies like CSS and JavaScript.
Containers on a ship on the ocean

You've made the switch to Linux containers. Now you need a container orchestration system.