Open source technologies, communities, and methodologies are playing an increasingly important role in international governments and policy-making.

Open source software policy is better without open source

free your software policy
Here’s a fun experiment (if, like me, you’re a huge nerd): take an open source policy from your agency, company, whatever, and strike out the words "...Read more

Portuguese government adopts OpenDocument Format

open documents
According to a press release issued by the Portuguese Open Source Business Association, the government of Portugal has decided to approve a single...Read more

Visualize improvements to your neighborhood with Blockee

Fix your block the open source way
Blockee is a web application that lets you visualize improvements to your block. It was built as a Labs Friday project by Jesse Bounds , Nick Doiron...Read more

OASIS adopts AMQPv1: An open standard for smart grid and cloud

government grows the pie
For governments looking for cutting edge, open source messaging solutions, the recent action by the OASIS standards consortium to approve the...Read more

We the People: Seceding from open government?

open party
The petitions for Texas and other states to secede from the U.S. on the White House’s "We the People" site have drawn a great deal of attention in...Read more

Doing government websites right

Today, I have a piece over on Tech President about how the new UK government website——does a lot of things right. I'd love to see more...Read more

Gather crowdsourced public input with Shareabouts app

Citizen participation
As stressful as elections can be, they always bring a welcome surge of patriotism. United States citizens have a lot of opinions about their...Read more

France government is latest to fully embrace open source

open parliament
France is the latest government to move from open source-friendly to open source-active, to paraphrase the European Commission's aspirational...Read more