Open source technologies, communities, and methodologies are playing an increasingly important role in international governments and policy-making.

Contest aims to give open source projects a second wind

Race for Reuse
The Code for America Brigade recently launched Race for Reuse . It's a different kind of contest that aims to increase adoption of existing open...Read more

Agility of open source software proves good fit for U.S. military

open source in the military
While preparing to attend the 4th Military Open Source Working Group meeting, it was refreshing and affirming to receive a notification for the event...Read more

Reclaiming public space in your city

Code for America buttons
My love affair with cities, San Francisco in particular, started early. Though my parents moved from San Francisco to the suburbs before I turned one...Read more

Community Spotlight: Denis Parfenov, restoring trust in politics through open government

5 Questions with...
According to the 2012 Web Index Report , modern technologies are critically under utilized in Ireland—making the work of citizens like Denis Parfenov...Read more

Can we upgrade democracy with open source version control?

a new dawn
As Luis Ibanez pointed out on Friday, Clay Shirky's latest TED Talk—exploring what open source version control systems may mean for democracy—is...Read more

Open source in U.S. government in five minutes

open source lightning talks
Gunnar Hellekson, Technology Strategist for Red Hat's U.S. Public Sector Group, presents a timeline created by tying together data about software the...Read more

Clay Shirky on how the Internet will one day transform government

Government two way
Clay Shirky has done it again. In a fascinating TED Talk, Shirky examines the impact that collaboration tools developed for and by open source...Read more

CTO Park: Doing business with the Federal government should be EZ

open white house
U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park and Director of New Media for the White House Macon Phillips held a roundtable at North Carolina Central...Read more