Learn about the roles open source technologies and communities are playing in international health and humanitarian efforts.

Linux Foundation and OpenBEL collaboration has potential to advance science

OpenBEL software helps researchers
A new Linux Foundation Collaborative Project has the potential to advance science through the use of open source software. The Linux Foundation...Read more

Why open source is the future of clinical trials

Clinovo is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that partners with life science companies to streamline their clinical trials. Their CTO Marc...Read more

Big data and Hospital OS improve Thai diet

open source health
Tracing the career path of Dr. Kongkiat Kespechara is like reading a treasure map: there are twists and turns and surprises all along the way, but...Read more

Open source EHRs empower America's community health centers

Open source electronic health records
How the economics of open source make sense for large scale, national healthcare infrastructure projects. A recent study published by the Journal of...Read more

Doctor, your patient will see you now

The open source way for healthcare
If doctors can't be as accessible and transparent as the tablet or smartphone that lay in the hands of their patients, they can't expect to gain the...Read more

Node.js integrates with M: a tutorial, part two

M database and node.js
In part one of this tutorial, I introduced the integration between the hierarchical data structures of the M database and the hierarchical structures...Read more

Tracking real-time health with Twitter data serves as an early warning system

Twitter data for healthcare
As the open source ethic has changed the way that we share and develop resources, crowdsourcing is redefining how we can create new resources based...Read more

SwitchPoint Conference to gather innovators in global health

SwitchPoint Conference
The 2nd annual SwitchPoint Conference approaches this month in North Carolina, gathering innovators from across industries to discuss increasing...Read more