Learn about the roles open source technologies and communities are playing in international health and humanitarian efforts.

Node.js integrates with M: a tutorial, part one

M Language and Databse
We have talked recently about the significance of integrating the Node.js language with the powerful M database , particularly in the space of...Read more

Open Data Day project calls for more openness in food facts

open food
One of the cool projects that OKF France were hacking away on during Open Data Day last weekend was Open Food Facts . It’s a free, open collaborative...Read more

Success of GNU Health goes beyond free software

open heartbeat
In 2006, Luis Falcón founded GNU Health, a free health information system that recently recieved the " Best Project of Social Benefit " award given...Read more

Node.js integrates with M: Next big thing in healthcare IT

M Language and Databse
Join the M revolution and the next big thing in healthcare IT: t he integration of the node.js programming language with the NoSQL hierarchical...Read more

Is open source the missing building block to improved nutrition for schoolkids?

At the start of every new year resolutions on diet and health abound. Yet there seems to be little discussion on schoolchildren's health and...Read more

One man takes his medical records public to cure his brain cancer

rx open source
Salvatore Iaconesi has brain cancer. And he's doing something about it that most don't: taking it into his own hands. And the hands of hundreds of...Read more

Healthcare slow to adopt, not to adapt: Promise for open source in 2013

year in review health
Open source in healthcare remains in its infancy. This year saw some great activity with open source in health. Our community covered medical devices...Read more

Open data set provides objective doctor ranking

open source doctor
Are you an academic, scientist, health policy junkie... or just a person who goes to see your doctor every now and then? Well, listen up: a new...Read more