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The Internet of Things is here and accelerating everyday. Open source also plays a role where these electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity enable ordinary objects to collect and exchange data.

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Find out how hot your house is with a simple home Internet of Things project.
An intersection of pipes.

RT-Thread Smart is working to open source the world of IoT and edge computing.
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Many embedded systems today run on Linux. But once upon a time, embedded systems either ran on a custom, proprietary platform or ran on DOS.
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What the RT-Thread maintainers learned from porting the embedded systems operating system to different chip architectures.
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Learn about the network comprised of all the connected devices in our lives.
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Leverage Quarkus to scale IoT application development and deployment environments.
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The AT device package for controlling wireless modems is one of RTOS's most popular extensions.
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Find out what's going on in your Internet of Things environment without having to host Grafana yourself.